So, last night I had to go buy a strapless bra for my first wedding dress fitting on Saturday and it turns out I have back fat!! When did this happen?  I thought my back was the only non-fat part of my body! I hate getting old.

It looks like running is not enough gosh-darn-it so now I have to try and fit back fat crunching exercises into my week.  For those also afflicted these consist of:
1. Pull ups - Pull yourself up on a bar with your arms - yeah right!
2. Push up - position row - Push ups on wieghts! I am flat out doing regular push ups
3. Superwoman - this just looks strange but will give it a go..
4. Lat pulldowns - I just cancelled my gym membership, what else can I 'pull down'?

Seriously now,  I commit to doing these exercises (or variations of) twice a week for the next 11 weeks.  Sigh

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