On the 12th of March this year I was driving my son to school when my phone rang and my mother barely choked out the words, "Tim is dead." I was so shocked I had to hang up on her until I could stop and process what those three words meant.

The days that followed were a blur of travel (my brother lived and worked overseas), millions of painful decisions, shared stories and shared and private grief.  When I returned home I wondered how I was supposed to start functioning again after such a terrible event.  How would I parent my wonderful children? How would I work?  With very little idea of how, I started to run.  I figured that I could put one foot in front of the other physically and hoped that if I did it enough my brain would follow suit.  I am not going to lie, running did not cure my grief but it certainly has helped me move through it.  Focusing on the pain in my ankles, the soreness of my muscles and the overall physical fatigue has somehow helped with the very real and at times, overwhelming pain of grief and loss. 

What does this have to do with healthy eating?  My brother Tim did amazing work in South East Asia helping the poorest of the poor find ways to create sustainable income through agriculture.  The legacy he has left spans all four corners of the globe and will continue for many generations. What I learnt at his funeral and in the days after his death was that Tim was incredibly passionate about what he did and that passion drove him.  I am incredibly passionate about healthy eating and in my own small way think my passion can make a difference too. With this blog I hope to help others who want to eat and live better but don't know how. I want to reach out to other tired and busy mothers and help them feed themselves and their families better because I truly believe that a well nourished and healthy body copes better with the stresses of life.

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