Today I learnt a valuable lesson in social media but first, the sincerest of apologies to @JustineLavaworm because I think I Tweet plagiarised you today.  I say I 'think' because I am relatively new to Twitter, was in a hurry and using my phone to Tweet which I don't often do.  All I know is that you, or someone else who is witty and clever posted an awesome tweet that said this:

For those saying "if Obama wins I'm going to Australia" our PM is a single athiest woman & we have universal health care and mandatory voting. 

And I thought I had retweeted you.  End of story.  The next thing I knew my Twitter account was (and is) going crazy and now that I am home and have looked at the traffic I realise I completely 'took' your Tweet and I am very sorry. 

So, to all the people who retweeted me today, who messaged me today and who followed me today; I am a fraud.  I usually Tweet about cooking, healthy eating and the wonders of sweet potatoes and am not remotely clever when it comes to politics.  I really enjoyed chatting to all my new American & Canadian friends who were interested in moving here and am happy to continue to offer you insight and advice into life in Australia should you need it :-)  GO OBAMA! But if you want political wit please follow @JustineLavaworm.

Sincerly moritified,

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