My daughter and I found a dress for her to wear the wedding.  It is pink and as a compromise I have agreed that she can wear these shoes. Awesome right?

This weekend I recieved the reverse proposal...For those of you who don't know what that is let me explain..So, I proposed to my fiance Peter 2 months ago and presented him with a ring.  On Saturday he proposed to me (on bended knee with champagne!) and presented me with this stunning engagement ring.  Yes, I am a child of the 80's and yes, I was caught up in the whole Lady Diana saga so this really is the perfect princess ring for me.  I am a lucky girl :-)

So, who knew that things that you sit on to eat dinner could become such a bone of contention when organising a small, SIMPLE, family wedding?? OMG, I knew we should have eloped to Vegas...So, to my mind a simple but elegant wedding requires simple but elegant chairs like the ones picured left (sans bow, I am too old for bows on chairs) right???  No, my lovely father has decreed that we shall have white, wait for it....PLASTIC chairs!  On a day that could potentially be 35 degrees in the shade.  Sob. 

Happily everyone seems to have come to their senses and whilst I won't call it the perfect compromise, we have ended

So, last night I had to go buy a strapless bra for my first wedding dress fitting on Saturday and it turns out I have back fat!! When did this happen?  I thought my back was the only non-fat part of my body! I hate getting old.

It looks like running is not enough gosh-darn-it so now I have to try and fit back fat crunching exercises into my week.  For those also afflicted these consist of:
1. Pull ups - Pull yourself up on a bar with your arms - yeah right!
2. Push up - position row - Push ups on wieghts! I am flat out doing regular push ups
3. Superwoman - this just looks strange but will give it a go..
4. Lat pulldowns - I just cancelled my gym membership, what else can I 'pull down'?

Seriously now,  I commit to doing these exercises (or variations of) twice a week for the next 11 weeks.  Sigh

OMG! Just scored the last pair of these PERFECT Kate Spade pumps in Lime ON SALE!! Thank you wedding shoe fairy...I LOVE YOU!!

Wedding shoes - CHECK!

So, I have chosen the fabric for my dress, hit my parents up to use their house for the reception and picked a date...what else is there to do??



    Hopeless romantic as verified by my willingness to go through this wedding malarchy again..Pink and Lime Green should always be seen...


    August 2012