I became a runner.  In 4 days my daughter and I will run 5ks in the Bridge to Brisbane.  Not far I know, not a marathon, not even a half marathon but still a significant achievement for us both.  When I started training for this event I thought it would be something to be endured and then ticked off 'done' once complete but instead I am now planning on training to run 10ks.  I am a runner,  who knew???

Finally!  I finally did it and ran the whole 5 kilometres (5.2 in fact) without stopping.  Now I need to know how to get faster.  I asked the guys I work with and they mysteriously said I needed to change my style...what style?  Surely the fabulous Lorna Jane co-ordinated ensembles are enough?  I have brand new shiny shoes, what else can there be???

Don't get me wrong, I love running.  It has quite literally saved my sanity this
year (when three of my close relatives died within three months of each other)
but I just don't understand it.  I was telling someone today that I don't feel
like I have improved but then I checked my facts and realised that 4 months ago
when I started I could only run for 1 - 2 minutes at a stretch.  Now I can run
for 13 minutes without stopping so that is an improvement.  But it always hurts,
I always feel like a big sweaty mess at the end and I never feel like I am going
to achieve that effortless stride that I see other runners have. But I keep
going because I really like what it does to my mind  .... and my thighs.   I
love the fact that my daughter and I can start the day together ,bleary eyed and
grumpy, but share a feeling of accomplishment over our coffee and raisin toast
after the run.   I will keep going.



    Unco but keen older lady runner... I think I look like I belong in Chariots of Fire when I run but I suspect the reality is not so fabulous.


    August 2012